Project Pilots

Demonstration in operational efficiency

There won’t be any renovations in these facilities but they will be used to demonstrate only operational energy efficiencies through the deployment of the iBECOME platform, so as to act as pilots for implementing the services to the bigger demo sites undergoing essential energy renovations.

Country Crest is a company founded in 1993, born with  the aim of growing and pre-packing fresh potatoes for the retail sector. Over time the business has expanded to other products, like onions, vegetable accompaniments and beef, becoming a benchmark in the production of the best quality food, with over 350 employees now working in all divisions.

Helix Building is an office building, one of the structures of the West of Scotland Science Park, a research center located 5km north-west of Glasgow
city center.

Demonstration in Retrofits

These buildings will undergo significant renovations during the project and will deploy the iBECOME platform after the gathering of all information related to energy audits and the development of the dynamic building simulation models

ASP della Carnia ‘San Luigi Scrosoppi’ (Tolmezzo, Udine, ITALY)

The San Luigi Scrosoppi building is a residential care facility for
the elderly and disabled which has a capacity of 166 beds, of which
150 are intended for the reception of non self-sufficient people and
16 for self-sufficient people. Particularly, the structure is able to
provide health and rehabilitation services, as well as hotel and
socialization-entertainment services.

The PIO ISTITUTO ELEMOSINIERE – ALBERTON DEL COLLE building is a residential care facility for the elderly and disabled which has a capacity of 37 beds in 21 bedrooms. This building is a former convent of Sec. XIII with the adjoining Church of San Giovanni that has been completely reconstructed after the earthquake of 1976. It is located inside the medieval walls of the village and it is subject to heritage conservation regulations. 

The World Trade Center is a business and congress center inaugurated
in 1993 and located in the heart of the Europole district of Grenoble.
The facility offers eight different services: corporate information
services; business services; business education services; WTC club
facilities; services for tenants; group trade missions; exhibition
facilities and conference facilities.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 894617.

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