What is iBECOME?

iBECOME is a project that offers a paradigm shift in building energy efficiency by utilising IoT big data and advanced analytics. The novel cloud-based solution will utilise a physics-based dynamic simulation to deliver a suite of energy and non-energy services such as comfort and flexibility optimisation, automated fault detection and diagnostics, demand response and 3rd party applications. iBECOME will also look to unlock the next stage of energy efficiency by enabling deep building renovation and measurement & verification (M&V) in novel business models. ​


On-site IoT sensors and smart meters will be feeding real time information of the building along with data from energy markets and weather conditions

Analytics, Insights & Advisory Control

Data cloud storage and analysis, visualisation of performance metrics, display of insights and suggestions for manual interventions

Forecasting Toolbox

Calibrated physics-based energy model combined with machine learning algorithm predictions, using real data from the building to forecast the future building and facility conditions

Fault Detection, Diagnosis and Maintenance

Using the predictions of the forecasting toolbox for Fault Detection and Diagnosis and Predictive Maintenance


Using the predictions of the forecasting toolbox to enable energy savings through energy and comfort optimisation of building’s energy systems.

Retrofit Design & Implementation

Using the predictions of the forecasting toolbox to desing retrofit interventions and implement them through Measurement and Verification

On-site ICT automated control

The iBECOME vBMS will be automatically controlling on-site BMS or other ICT equipment.

Welfare & Commuting Management

3rd party providers will use the iBECOME vBMS data to enable additional services such as healthcare management and commuting optimisation

Demo sites

Our Motivation

The main motivation behind iBECOME is the need to address the inefficiencies of existing buildings and facilities either because of underperforming existing BMS or because they are small enough so as to not be equipped with BMS. In such buildings the deployment of the iBECOME solution will allow essential energy savings and comfort improvements at very low cost but also provide the ability to tap into the emerging markets of additional services (e.g. demand response).


Our Impact

iBECOME will encompass a simple, high level framework for measuring and/or calculating specific metrics that affect wellness and productivity and according to
the most up-to-date research will project those metrics into accountable, monetizable value of productivity and asset value increase. The big data output, both in granularity and number of variables that iBECOME can generate, allows a very precise characterisation of the indoor built environment and subsequently an accurate representation of its wellness features. 

Our Demonstration Sites

Country Crest, Dublin, Ireland

Country Crest is a manufacturing facility where iBECOME solution will be demonstrated in operational conditions

Helix Building, Glasgow, Scotland

Office building where the iBECOME solution will be demonstrated without any renovations

ASP della Carnia, Udine, Italy

Residential care facility for the elderly and disabled, where iBECOME solution will be demonstrated together with extensive renovations

World Trade Center, Grenoble, France

A business and congress center where iBECOME will be demonstrated together with extensive renovations

Our Latest News

iBECOME Local Action Team Workshop

On 8th December, iBECOME consortium member Irish Manufacturing Research will host a workshop to present the work of the project in which participants will be encouraged to provide feedback and suggest ideas for improvement. The attendees will include members of IMR’s network and those interested in the latest developments within iBECOME including key topics such …

iBECOME Local Action Team Workshop Read More »

Review of Regulatory Framework

Deliverable 6.2 focuses on analysing and defining the regulatory framework in which the iBECOME Software as a Service (SaaS) solution is enrolled. This framework transcends several domains (energy systems, data platforms) from several perspectives (services, customers, providers, business models) and includes laws, regulations, codes and standards. The    deliverable    feeds    into    the    characterization    of    the    forth …

Review of Regulatory Framework Read More »

Review and analysis of market conditions

Review and analysis of market conditions This deliverable provides an insight on the  potential market  for  the vBMS  platform  being  currently designed, developed  and  tested  in  the context of the project activities. It provides an overview of the two key broad markets in which the vBMS is expected to be offered and in which it …

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Sustainable Places 2022 – Recordings

The 10th annual edition of Sustainable Places (SP2022) took place as a hybrid event from 6th September to 9th September, with the in-person sessions hosted in Nice, France. iBECOME were involved in dissemination activities at the event; a workshop with other H2020 projects and a presentation in the paper sessions. Project coordinator Dimitrios Ntimos (IES) …

Sustainable Places 2022 – Recordings Read More »

Smart Innovation Norway Workshop

Energy flexibility – From customer to market Robert Flanagan from VIOTAS represented the iBECOME project at an Energy Flexibility workshop hosted by Smart Innovation Norway. The goal of the event was to share experiences related to flexibility markets, business models for aggregators and flexibility as a resource. The latest market developments were discussed to share …

Smart Innovation Norway Workshop Read More »

Newsletter #4 is published

We have just published our latest newsletter showcasing project activity between months 18-24 including: A message from our coordinator Public Deliverables released Upcoming Enents we participate Project Update Publications and past events we participated View it here: https://bit.ly/3AM9yr5

Want to Know More?

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 894617.

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