Demo site visit – World Trade Center Grenoble

It was a sign of post-lockdown progression for the iBECOME team as recently project members from Schneider Electric, Eolya and CEA were able to meet up physically for the first time since the project started.

They met to visit project demo site World Trade Center, the business and congress centre located in the heart of the Europole district of Grenoble which offers various services to visitors.

During the visit, the team were able to present the project in detail to the owner and new occupant of the building, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and discuss their involvement in the experimentation/validation process of the project.

There was in-depth analysis of the actual BMS in order for Schneider Electric to evaluate the current configuration (devices & network). This allowed them to discover what additional hardware is needed to establish a bi-directional connection with the iBECOME vBMS and add sensors/meters to provide inputs to the services developed inside WP3

The team also looked at configuring the BMS to record data needed for building model calibration and collect information on electrical systems to identify what could be the possible shiftable loads for solution provided by other project member Viotas.

There is plan for a further meeting with Eoyla in the coming weeks with the relevant parties involved in the Quality-Security-Environment department as they will be the main contact for future efforts of  the project.

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