ENER.GI Car Sharing App Testing

Simone Buffa from CIVIESCO met with project partner Fabrizio Corte from ENER.GI recently to undertake tests of the car sharing app that they are developing. This was the first testing in a real life conditions, and was done with using an electric vehicle with the ENER.GI hardware on board.

Ener.gi is an innovative start-up operating in the field of sustainable mobility. The goal of Ener.gi in the iBECOME project is to integrate mobility between the services that can be provided and managed by the vBMS.

The iBECOME app will allows users to have various benefit from a mobility service including:

  • Booking a vehicle
  • Knowledge of vehicle location by GPS
  • Allowing other users to request to share the trip
  • Controlling the opening and closing of the doors without the need for a physical key

The service has been created firstly for companies with a small fleet that would like to offer the car sharing as a benefit to their employees the company cars for commuting optimization and help to achieve green house gas emissions reduction and cost savings.

Find out more about the work by ENER.GI here https://www.ener-gi.eu/