iBECOME France LAT workshop

On 16th of June 2023, iBECOME members Benjamin Cinquin-Lapierre from Eolya and Pierre Bernaud from CEA delivered a Local Action Team (LAT) workshop in France.

This workshop was part of the AURA Energy Tour event in partnership with the Tenerrdis energy cluster. The cluster brought together some of its member companies at the CSTB (French Scientific and Technical Centre for Building) in Grenoble, to present regional building research platforms and collaborative projects. The audience included researchers, innovation consultants, energy services and technologies providers, energy project managers.

The iBECOME project was presented to around twenty participants, both on-site and online, which included various surveys throughout the presentation to gather feedback on aspects of the project including: interest in the services deployed, dashboard functionalities and user profiles, motivations and model for deploying such a solution, relevance to their business. Results from the survey suggest the audience were impressed by the project, and are exciting to hearing more about the results next year, particularly in terms of reducing the environmental impact of buildings.