A Message from our Coordinator – M24 Update

In June 2022, we completed a very significant milestone for the project as we reached two full years of activity. It is a good time to pause and reflect on everything we have achieved over the first 24 months of the project, despite the unforeseen challenges and risks we encountered arising from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The efforts of all partners of the consortium over the preceding period and the resiliency and adaptability they have shown in continuing to make progress on the project is commendable. At this point in the project, we are preparing the integration of our software components for deployment in the 4 demonstration sites.

These important discussions and decisions are key in informing the design and implementation of the iBECOME vBMS platform, providing key bilateral connections between the Enterprise Server and the Digital Twin along with various software components required for the offered services. In support of this, several conversations as well as some important demo site visits have taken place over the last number of months. With this process approaching completion, the focus now turns to the hardware installations and deployment of services to the demonstration sites.

Initial efforts on this aspect of the project have concentrated on audits and data collections, surveys with the occupants informing them about our capabilities and expected impacts, as well as calibration of the building energy models.

In parallel, we have started the development of the innovative business models which has included undertaking market research and analysis on the relevant market structures and potential competition in the field, as well as review of regulations, codes and standards in the EU.

To find out more about progress to date, view our public deliverables on the downloads page of our website.