Review and analysis of market conditions

Review and analysis of market conditions

This deliverable provides an insight on the  potential market  for  the vBMS  platform  being  currently designed, developed  and  tested  in  the context of the project activities.

It provides an overview of the two key broad markets in which the vBMS is expected to be offered and in which it is foreseen to be able to capture a relevant share, the “standard” BMS and Smart Buildings markets. It has been observed that both are projected to grow significantly in the coming years, especially in Europe, following rising energy prices and regulatory frameworks evolutions.

Typical BMS-related cost, lifespan, payback period and other information have been investigated and reported providing specific considerations on small and medium-sized buildings. In addition, a  simplified  simulation  of  the  financials  associated with a  BMS  and iBECOME vBMS investments has been carried out based on the features of the four pilot buildings involved in the project.

The document  also  includes  vBMS  key  services  descriptions together  with considerations  on why their  features and  functionalities are  expected  to make  them appealing solutions to customers.

Key services addressed are:

  • Continuous Commissioning
  • Building Optimized Renovation
  • Demand Response
  • Third Parties’Services(Commuting Optimization and Healthcare Management)

This deliverable presents  a  section  devoted  to already  existing vBMS  platform competitive products and solutions. It has been developed to provide a non-exhaustive but representative list of products presenting functions somehow comparable to those developed within  the  iBECOME  project and  to  capture  their  key  features  which  might guide further development activities and the subsequent suitable positioning of the vBMS platform in the market. It has been observed, for example, that most solutions are offered through a SaaS business model and the integration of energy optimization and comfort optimization functions are common to many products offering.

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