Review of Regulatory Framework

Deliverable 6.2 focuses on analysing and defining the regulatory framework in which the iBECOME Software as a Service (SaaS) solution is enrolled.

This framework transcends several domains (energy systems, data platforms) from several perspectives (services, customers, providers, business models) and includes laws, regulations, codes and standards.

The    deliverable    feeds    into    the    characterization    of    the    forth coming activities and deliverables of the Work Package 6 dedicated to the business models development.

In particular, it helps perform a comprehensive analysis with the aim to evaluate the project’s profitability and develop and refine two innovative EPC templates that delineate the offering and value proposition of the services provided by the iBECOME vBMS.

In addition, the outcomes of the deliverable will be used to develop innovative business models. View the full deliverable report in our downloads section