iBECOME Demo Site Month 36 Update – Country Crest

With the installation of ICT equipment 100% concluded, the activities conducted in the past months were related to the integration of virtual building management system components in order to enable the deployment of services. Some of the main achievements are listed below: 

Integration of the MQTT with Schneider Electric Enterprise Cloud Server, which allows other services and API to interact with the installed devices. 

Deployment of the IES iScan project for Country Crest, which interacts with the cloud server and allows the visualisation of the data collected and is used as a tool for developing most of the main services, such as energy and comfort optimisation, fault detection, and predictive maintenance 

Tests have been conducted to validate the following services: 

  • Energy and Comfort optimisation: A number of components are part of this service, including air handling unit, oil burners for space heating, and indoor air quality sensors. Rules can be made on iScan to evaluate the main parameters, such as temperature, CO2 concentration and energy consumption, so relays can receive commands to switch on/off the equipment according to a specific logic. 
  • Fault Detection and Diagnosis: This service reads the parameters related to the air handling unit compressor from iScan (inlet and outlet temperatures, and active power), and detects anomalies through advanced machine learning algorithms, so users can be informed in case of some unexpected operation behaviour. 
  • Demand Response: This service is being applied also in the air handling unit. Depending on dispatch rules and availability signal, relays are commanded to switch on/off the equipment. 
  • Predictive Maintenance: This service gets data from iScan and, through a series of analyses, identifies when devices will need some verification or maintenance. In Country Crest, some preliminary tests related to battery degradation of IoT devices were performed.