iBECOME Showcases Smart Buildings at SAVE Verona 2023 

In an exciting development, iBECOME made its presence felt at the SAVE Verona 2023 event, held in Italy on the 19th of October. This exhibition focused on automation, instrumentation, sensors, human-machine interface, smart manufacturing, and Industry 4.0 solutions, providing an excellent platform for iBECOME. 

Representing iBECOME at this event were Lorenza Pistore and Lorenzo Cifariello from R2M Solution. Their expertise and insights were instrumental in making an impact on the audience. 

iBECOME took part in a session dedicated to Smart Buildings, aiming to explore the evolving Smart Buildings paradigm and gather insights from the audience about Building Management Systems (BMS). The presentation sought to highlight the features and services offered by the iBECOME platform and engage with experts to understand the challenges and opportunities related to BMS. 

iBECOME’s participation in the SAVE Verona 2023 event aimed to underscore its commitment to innovation and alignment with the latest trends in building automation systems. 

The event not only raised awareness of the project but also collected valuable feedback from professionals deeply involved in building automation systems. This feedback is considered invaluable and will aid in refining iBECOME’s goals and messaging.