iBECOME’s 7th General Assembly: Reflecting on Progress and Future Activities

The iBECOME project reached a significant milestone on December 4th and 5th, 2023, as we hosted our 7th General Assembly (GA). In a departure from our usual in-person gatherings, this assembly took place online, bringing together key stakeholders, partners, and project contributors to discuss the progress made during the critical period from months 36 to 42. The two-day event was marked by intensive meetings, thorough assessments of work package progress, and strategic planning for the road ahead. 

Day 1: Delving into Technical Progress and Collaborations 

The first day of the General Assembly commenced with a comprehensive update on project management provided by WP8. This included an in-depth analysis of the level of technical progress achieved, the current status of deliverables and milestones, the identification of critical risks, and the corresponding mitigation plans. An amendment update, financial overview, and reporting on P1 remarks further enriched the discussion. 

The Helix Building session under WP4 highlighted advancements in hardware installations and commissioning, software architecture, integrations, service deployment, customer engagement, and energy modelling. A similar format was followed for sessions on Country Crest (WP4), World Trade Center (WP5), and new demo site ASP Pio Istituto Elemosiniere – Alberton Del Colle (WP5), providing a detailed overview of progress in each area. 

Day 1 concluded with a session on EPC structures and Business models under WP6, where validation of business models was discussed in the context of WP4 and WP5. 

Day 2: Focusing on Dissemination, Exploitation, and Sustainability 

The second day of the GA was dedicated to key aspects of the iBECOME project, starting with updates from WP7 on Dissemination and Communication. This was followed by a focus on Exploitation, where plans for utilising project outcomes and outputs were discussed. 

The Training Update session explored the educational initiatives and knowledge dissemination efforts undertaken by iBECOME. Sustainability plans were also detailed, outlining the long-term vision for the project’s impact beyond the Horizon 2020 timeframe. 

The GA wrapped up with an Exploitation Workshop under WP7, aiming to harness collective insights and ideas for maximizing the impact of iBECOME’s innovations.