iBECOME at Enlit Paris 2023

ENLIT Paris 2023 unfolded as a pivotal chapter in the energy sector’s ongoing narrative. Within the dynamic discussions and vibrant exchanges, Arianna Fedi from RINA-C represented iBECOME at the event.

Enlit Paris, known for its focus on energy-related topics, served as an ideal platform for professionals and industry leaders to explore the latest trends and challenges in the sector. With RINA-C’s engagement, we showcased iBECOME’s commitment to a decarbonised and digitalized energy system.

At RINA-C’s stand, a dedicated laptop ran engaging presentations, showcased captivating images, and provided direct access to iBECOME’s comprehensive website. Attendees were given a firsthand look into iBECOME’s objectives, methodologies, and its transformative potential in the energy sector.

As the Enlit Paris 2023 concluded, the resounding message echoed: a shared purpose to shape a cleaner, more sustainable energy future. iBECOME’s mission aligns seamlessly with this overarching goal, fostering unity among diverse stakeholders invested in the sustainable energy transition.

 [EM1]Link to https://www.enlit-europe.com/