R2M Solutions join the iBECOME Project 

R2M Solution, a champion of innovation and sustainability in the Italian, French and Spanish markets have joined the iBECOME project. Named “Research to Market,” R2M specializes in development, commercialisation, and fielding of new products and services with a deep focus on energy, sustainability, and the built environment.

“We are excited to partner with this consortium and to deepen our services targeting building energy management, interaction with the grid, modelling and making information useful to building users and stakeholders.”  Thomas Messervey – CEO R2M Solution.

As of 2023, R2M is a 100-person company operating in four countries and with nine office locations. It is an engineering and consulting company focused on research and innovation exploring the realization of new knowledge, products and services typically in the framework of collaborative European research. R2M Solution also concentrates on commercialization, early adoption and scaling of new products and services that disrupt markets, solve problems and make its clients more competitive. It operates distributorships of 12 innovative technologies that have been developed or advanced in European research (results) and operates as an ESCO in Italy and Spain.

R2M is a long-standing member of the Green Building Council, is active member of the European Construction Technology Platform and a founding member of the Building Digital Twin Association (BDTA). Each year, R2M organizes the Sustainable Places Conference.

Simone Buffa, Smart and Sustainable Communities (SSC) Thematic Area Leader and certified Expert in Energy Management at R2M Solution will be involved across various work packages within iBECOME.  

“I’m serving as leader of the work package dealing with business modelling of the iBECOME SaaS platform including aspects related to bankability assessment and the development of innovative energy performance contract schemes that enable third-party services such as Demand Response. Moreover, I have the role to oversee the progress of all pilots as a leader of the Demonstration Committee” – Simone Buffa, SSC Thematic Area Leader.

R2M is the distributor of IES in Italy and Spain and works with a portfolio of approximately 40 engineering firms and real estate stakeholders to field, train and use dynamic energy simulation and digital twin software.

“R2M as an ESCO deliberately seek and develop pilot implementations for the fielding and business development of innovative products and services. The opportunity to develop and curate the pilot in iBECOME is directly in line with R2M core competencies and its strategic objectives. R2M is an impact partner focused on replication planning, implementation and longevity of project results. In this regard, R2M invests in events, the development of replication networks and opportunities to carry results forward”  – concludes Buffa.