iBECOME Advances Urban Decarbonization in +CityxChange Project 

iBECOME made significant strides in the direction of urban decarbonisation. The framework of the +CityxChange project paved the way for a three-hour hybrid course accredited by the Order of Engineers. This event, held on the afternoon of October 23, 2023, centred on “Urban-scale decarbonization: current projects and tools.” 

Simone Buffa from R2M Solution represented iBECOME in this activity. The primary objective of this event was to foster a deeper understanding of decarbonisation solutions for the built environment, a cause firmly aligned with iBECOME’s overarching goals. 

The venue for this event was the Crowdfunding Arena at FENICE GREEN ENERGY PARK in Padova, Italy. It was not only a physical gathering but also a hybrid event, with video registration accessible online

This event acted as a pivotal hub for iBECOME’s communication endeavours, providing a platform to discuss decarbonisation solutions and present our key objectives. It also showcased the innovative tools and technology solutions integral to our services, such as iSCAN and IESVE. Importantly, the event enabled us to engage with stakeholders in the Italian market, expanding awareness of iBECOME’s mission and its pivotal role in advancing urban decarbonisation.